From acute injuries to more subtle performance issues our experienced staff will put their skills at your disposal. Let us identify the issue and offer the most current therapy options for you to choose from. We will customize treatment for the best overall result.


We have equine imaging capabilities both in the clinic and stall-side on the farm, including upper airway endoscopy, gastroscopy, and digital ultrasound and radiography.


The goal of veterinary chiropractic is to return mobility and function to the vertebrae, or bones of the spine, and skeleton. This will allow the body to heal and regulate itself, as well as perform at it’s highest ability. Dr. Huff uses her hands to identify restricted areas and then applies a very precise thrust on that vertebrae or bone to restore motion and nerve communication. We are pleased to offer both equine and small animal adjustments. Dr. Huff has over 10 years experience as a certified chiropractor. Let her keep your older companions comfortable, enhance your athlete’s performance, and help prevent future injuries with regular chiropractic care.


In the event of an emergency, we offer 24-hour emergency service. Our hospital is equipped to manage a variety of emergencies and the patients are monitored by our veterinarians and trained technical staff. Please contact our on-call veterinarian at 843.889.1316.


Our well rounded team of veterinarians are capable of handling all types of equine medical concerns including opthamology, dermatology, internal medicine and more. We offer a full range of lab services including routine bloodwork, infectious disease testing, and microbiology.

Dental care, vaccinations, deworming, and annual physical exams are critical to maintaining the health of your horse. Our veterinarians and educated staff members can make recommendations for the wellness services ideal or necessary for your horse. Microchipping and additional services are also available.


Options offered include shockwave therapy, stem cell treatment, platelet rich plasma therapy and IRAP therapy. Call us to see what modalities make the most sense for your horse.


Services available include evaluation, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of dental disorders. Up to date motorized dental equipment is used to obtain the best results and minimize trauma to the horse’s mouth.


Our team of veterinarians are capable of handling most reproductive needs including fertility testing, reproductive tract evaluation and care, pre-breeding exams, managing mares to breed with cooled shipped semen, and pregnancy exams.


EEC does offer elective surgical procedures. For more details on surgeries offered, please contact us today.